Week 13: Coach your athletes through those end-of-season nerves




Pressure is a Privilege

Here are this week's Talking Points to use with your team.



Teams that qualify for the post-season are usually doing a lot right. The teams that play their best in the post-season usually keep doing what they've been doing, so let's keep doing the things that got us here, the things a Triple-Impact Competitor® does.

Tennis great Billie Jean King said: "Pressure is a privilege." She meant that most athletes and teams don't get to play in games where a lot is at stake. But pressure degrades performance when athletes focus on what-ifs rather than what they need to do: "What if I mess up? What if we get beat?"

If you get nervous, just focus on what you need to do next. Let the results of the game take care of themselves.

Our PDF this week contains additional Reflection-Discussion Topics, including: What is your opinion about the statement that "pressure is a privilege"?

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Talking Points: Pressure Is A Privilege





Coaches and athletes provide advice on
Overcoming Pressure



Concept In Action

Coaches and Athletes

The panelists in this PCA Google+ Hangout discuss why pressure is a privilege in sports.

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Concept In Action

Olympian Peter Varellas

Athletes who can turn nervousness into visualizations of how to succeed will help fuel their performance.

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